Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain…

Published On June 21, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain

By Iain Laurie

There’s something so bloody silly and funny and childish and just that little bit wonderful about a single page strip called Fuck Off Space Monkey that simply does this:

What was Space Monkey meant to say in those blanked out speech bubbles you can barely make out? Does it make it any less stupidly funny? Nah.

But the Space Monkey’s only the start. Inside this 22-page collection of Laurie’s surreal and sick little mind you’ll meet the delights that are….Mr. Grins and Pepe, ┬áBenny Midnight, Johnny Solar, Captain Tits, Inspector Nazelbahhn. All cut from the same surreal, nasty cloth.

You’ll get the worst customer service you’ll ever see, singles advice from hell, job interviews with a difference, all made with love by a nasty little mind….

Anyway, Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain is ful of that sort of thing. Surreal, silly, and with 22 pages raising at least a giggle every few pages, a pretty damn fine comedy bang per buck as well.

Add to that an art style that has more than a touch of the┬áKevin O’Neill about it at times, but always giving itself over to the service of the gag. A grotesque, nasty, funny little collection.

One last thing. Here’s the artist himself…. surely this will convince you to give it a go?

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2 Responses to Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain…

  1. N Romanov says:

    F#CKING GENUIS…Why is Mr Laurie not WORLD famous by now!?!?!

  2. Rob says:

    Iain’s my hero and I’ll certainly be picking up a copy of this