Happy Life

Published On June 19, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Film TV & Theatre

Sun & Egg’s short drawn animation sees a young boy, called Egg, asleep on a dark and stormy night, when suddenly he wakes up. He feels cautiously around under the bed clothes with an alarmed look on his face and just when you’re thinking perhaps he had a little ‘accident’ we discover not that he wet the bed but that he laid an egg. He is a little discombobulated by this, as you can imagine. He is even more perplexed, not to mention frightened, when the egg hatches to show a small monster. Panicking he grabs it and runs out alone into the night to abandon it in the forest. But the next night another egg… I’ve got to say the monsters are rather cute little monsters and so nice to see drawn rather than CG animation for a change:

Happy Life_sp from SUN EGG on Vimeo.

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