Halcyon and Tenderfoot

Published On March 9, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Halcyon & Tenderfoot Preview Issue

By Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson

This is a big, stupid, sentimental, throw common sense out the window, suspend your disbelief at the door sort of comic. It’s the prelude to the new quarterly series from Clifford and Robinson, an origin comic that covers all the bases very quickly and looks like a Pixar movie in an attempt to get those children reading.

And it works. It’s fun, silly, full of potential. Lightweight? Yeah, 18-pages of pure lightweight fun.

Okay, let’s ignore the little issue of child endangerment involved, let’s skate over the fact that the last thing a superhero left broken-hearted by the loss of his wife in childbirth would want to do is put said child into harm’s way as a sidekick. After all, superhero comics are full of examples of the ridiculous, the illogical, and the downright “nope, no way that’s gonna happen“.

Clifford and Robinson are obviously old school, despite their tender ages, and in just a few short pages of this preview they skate through a quick history of comics, all the way back to the glorious, golden age of innocence to the post Watchmen-esque superhero hanging up of the cape right through to the hero’s young son taking on the mantle on sidekick.

It’s simple, straightforward, obviously designed along the lines of a Pixar film, with Robinson art style looking distinctly like some cross between an Incredibles shooting script and Mike Kunkel’s Herobear, lots of loose pencils, minimalist backgrounds.

Yep, lots of fun. The 18-page preview is available to read at the Halcyon and Tenderfoot site, with a digital copy to buy at the store. Issue 1 launches at Newcastle Library on Saturday 31st March, and is available for preorder at the store alongside annual 4-issue subscriptions.

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