Gillen, Mckelvie, Wilson = ???? (UPDATED)

Published On February 25, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

UPDATE 25th Feb 4:00am: Ignore the speculation here. Gillen has announced that Phonogram Volume 3: The Immaterial Girl is happening in 2012. See here for more.

This may be some of the best news we’ve received for 2012 so far. Three creators and a Daft Punk music reference on a flyer up at iFanboy.

Those three creators have form with music comics …. Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson previously collaborated on these:

Phonogram was a wonderful series (see here and here), combining a superb drama with music and magic, but neither series really set the world on fire with sales, and despite all the creators really wanting to do a thirs, it seemed doomed to never happen.

Gillen wrote about the non-possibility of Phonogram volume 3 in an interview at Comics Alliance, saying:

“Best plan I have is just writing series 3 and then writing into my will that assuming I die young and Jamie’s still around, lob him whatever’s in my bank account to draw it. Which is assuming he’d even be willing to do it then. It’s not that we’re bitter about it — well, not just because we’re bitter about it — but that it’s been emotionally exhausting.”

“There’s a difference between making only a little money and starving. We’re very much in the latter. Jamie’s lucky to get a couple of hundred dollars from an issue. While he didn’t tell me about this until after it was all done, there were three occasions when Jamie was seriously considering throwing in the towel. The problem is that Image’s deal is a back-end one. Will we make some money off the trade? Maybe. And that’s a big maybe. But that means Jamie not earning any money for the six months it would take to draw it, which is the main reason why we took over a year to do 7 issues. As in, every time Jamie ran out of money, he had to stop and do something else. A couple of hundred dollars doesn’t cover rent or pay for his fashionable haircuts. And doing this bitty work f–ks up the production anyway, because you can’t concentrate or plan. You just spend your entire life in low-level money panic.”

But things have changed since then, with Gillen and McKelvie both having a far bigger comic profile, something Image Comics is banking on, if this is a new Phonogram, to make the economics a damn sight more positive this time round.

So, 2012 may well give us Phonogram Volume 3. That would make 2012 a very, very good year indeed.

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