Eagle Awards New Talent Competition hits problems…. UPDATED

Published On April 24, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

The Eagle Awards New Talent Search was meant to be a nice way of showcasing a little bit of new talent in conjunction with, and inspired by, the upcoming movie “Snow White And The Huntsman“. The brief was to come up with a completed 5-page full colour story with “a plot relevant to the film’s dark fantasy setting“.

And at the start of April the judging panel of Titan Publishing senior editor Steve White, bestselling writer Tony Lee and Eisner-winning artist Mark Buckingham made their selection: ‘Land of All Sorts’ in the Best Story category and ‘A Life of Death’ for Best Art and Design.

The idea was that you could vote at the Eagle Awards website for the overall winner. And we covered it here.

Except there was a problem, first highlighted on Millerworld Forums and passed to the Eagle Awards, after which came this announcement by Tony Lee on Twitter:

The offending strip was A Life Of Death by Brady Sullivan and artist Phabio Pio.


Both Sullivan, and colourist James Abels have posted on Millerworld about the issue, best summed up by Sullivan:

“Again I’m sorry a comic I was involved in caused such a ruckus, nobody else on the team would have ever proceeded if we knew this was the kind of art we were dealing with. I’m still very proud of the story, so the fact that it is now unusable is a bit of a bummer. Maybe I’ll revisit it with another artist one day.”

After the announcement there was the predictable Twitter blowup, but we’ll let you find those yourselves, the most important tweets would be these from Lee:

Yes, a shame, a real shame. But it does mean the Eagles have a huge problem. The voting has been open for a while now, do they ditch all the previously cast votes for the best story winner? Or do they keep them even though that would mean the best story has had more chance to garner votes than best art? Either way is unfair. A complete headache for the Eagle Awards. One I’m glad not to have to sort out.

This is the new best art entry:

Best Art: A Time Of Reflection by Alex Wilson and Silvio dB

And the existing best story entry:

Best Story: Land Of All Sorts by Richard Worth and Jordan Colver

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2 Responses to Eagle Awards New Talent Competition hits problems…. UPDATED

  1. Kenny says:

    where is the compare and contrast on the appropriated work?

    • Richard says:

      Updated with a couple more details, including links to the Millerworld forum where the two examples put forth are shown. As far as I know, the Tony Lee Twitter announcement is it from The Eagle Awards.