Eagle Awards 2012 – the end of an era….

Published On May 26, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Conventions and events

The Eagle Awards were announced last night at the MCM Expo Awards. Results are below, and congrats to everyone who won this year. You all have the chance to say you won the last Eagle Award.

After a long history dating back to ’79, the Eagle Awards are being retired, and in their place next year we’ll have the MCM Awards, organised (no surprises here) by MCM Expo. The Eagle Awards site may have the winners up this month… but Heidi was far quicker, so I’ve grabbed these from The Comics Beat… and added a few thoughts along the way….

Best Newcomer (writer): Jeff Lemire (Essex County 2009, Nobody 2009, Sweet Tooth 2009, Doug Wright Award fro Emerging Talent 2008)
Best Newcomer (artist): Francesco Francavilla (Zorro 2008 and many more)
Best Writer: Scott Snyder
Best Artist (pencils): J.H. Williams III
Best Artist (inks): Scott Williams
Best Writer/Artist: Frank Miller (Since I reckon it’s ythe only thing he published in the period, this would be an award for Holy Terror? Really? Oh Christ)
Best Fully-Painted Artwork: Alex Ross
Best Colourist: Dave Stewart
Best Letterer: Richard Starkings
Best Editor: Karen Berger
Best Publisher: DC/Vertigo
Best Full-Colour US Comic: Batman
Best Black/White US Comic: The Walking Dead
Best Full-Colour British Comic: Dr Who Magazine (comic?)
Best Black/White British Comic: Viz
Best New Comic: Batman
Best Manga: 20th Century Boys
Best European Comic Book: Dylan Dog
Best Web-Based Comic: Freakangels
Best Single Story: Dr Who #12
Best Story Arc: ‘No Way Out’, The Walking Dead
Best Cover: Batwoman #1 by JH Williams III
Best Original Graphic Novel: Batman: Noel
Best Reprint Compilation: Thor by Walt Simonson
Best Comics-Related Book: Supergods by Grant Morrison
Best Comics Movie/TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Best Comic Book Website: Bleeding Cool
Best Comics-Related Magazine: DC Comics Superhero Collection (Easy to forget there’s a magazine attached to the statue – maybe the Comics Journal should give it a try?)
Roll of Honour: Frank Quitely
Huntsman Challenge Award: The Time of Reflection

The Eagles have long been the only British Comic awards. Now they’re gone. Will the MCM Awards be any different? I hope so, I really do.

The Eagles may have been organised by many well meaning people, but generally, the last few years at least have not been kind, and instead of a UK Comic Awards we can be rightly proud of, celebrating the very best of UK Comics, we have something that’s more often than not mentioned with a laugh and a snarky tone. Good luck MCM Expo.

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