Desert Island Comics – Episode 36 – Joe Decie

Published On November 24, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Desert Island Comics

Another week, another island, another comiker cast cruelly adrift with nothing but sun, sand, sea, and 8 of their absolute favourite comics to keep them company.


This week it’s the turn of artist Joe Decie. His first comic was the very first of Blank Slate Books’ Chalk Marks imprint, the British Comic Award nominated The Accidental Salad. His second comic, Pocket Full Of Coffee was published by Retrofit, but is available from Joe at his store.

He makes great comics; funny, wistful things, all about day to day life, the little things that make it interesting, and all done in impressive style. Just like this small work pf perfect domestic beauty, and the glory to be seen in the curve of a street….

Desert Island Comics – Episode 36 – Joe Decie

Hey, hey. Wasn’t as easy as I’d thought…

Kramers Ergot 7 – Sammy Harkham (editor)

This would be an obvious choice because, due to it’s size I could use it as a shelter or even a raft. But also it contains work I’ve not seen by a lot of my favourite artists (Gabrielle Bell, Ivan Brunetti, Dan Clowes, Kim Deitch, Tom Gauld, Jaime Hernandez, Kevin Huizenga, Ben Katchor, Ron Regé, Seth, Chris Ware etc) and a whole heap of people I don’t yet know. I regret not buying a copy when I saw it going cheap at £30.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes – Bill Watterson

Who draws the best trees? Bill Watterson. Who draws the best dinosaurs? Bill Watterson. Who draws the best childhood? Bill Watterson.

In The Night Kitchen – Maurice Sendak

Sendaks homage to Little Nemo? I do own one of those huge Nemo books and that would have been nice to bring along too, but I knew this first, and I love it. I loved it as a child I have loved reading it to my boy.

Vampire Loves – Joann Sfar

This book was probably my gateway into French comics and L’Association. I love the lazy feel of Sfar’s lines. Given the choice I’d have liked to have included a Complete Donjon set. But one doesn’t exist so I had to scrap that. I have some of those Lapin anthologies from L’Association too, but I can’t read French. And that’s quite frustrating. Besides this is a brilliant story, so I’m happy with it.

Alias the Cat – Kim Deitch

I’ve mostly read excerpts of Kims stuff from various 90’s anthologies (RAW, Pictopia, Zero Zero) this being the first longer work I’d got my teeth into. I love the story telling, the playing with reality and fiction. Seth also does this. Damn it maybe I should have chosen a Seth book instead.

Akira – Katshiro Otomo

I’d like the whole set, but just book one if not. Can’t beat a bit of Otomo for the amazingly detailed backgrounds and the depth and the space. The screen tone work is just the best. Also, great story.

The Airtight Garage- Moebius

I own hardly any Moebius, but thanks to the internet, have read this story online. I don’t really enjoy reading comics online; my attention span is shortened considerably and I find it less enveloping. It’s a shame so few Moebius books are in print in the UK/US isn’t it?Anyway I like this for the details and the line weight and the worlds he builds.

Krazy and Ignatz 1919-1921: A Kind, Benevolent and Amiable Brick – George Herriman

I’ve never read any Krazy & Ignatz, and people tell me I should. So this seems a good enough place to start.

Luxury item: Well I could make charcoal and paper and use squid ink and feathers as quills, so the drawing side of things is covered. How about a nice comfy sofa?

Thanks to Joe for sending these along. Like he says, one thing that’s common in a lot of comments artists and writers are making about these picks – it’s very, very hard to pick out those favourite 8 comics ever. Just too much to choose from!

Joe also went above and beyond…. a little self portrait of Joe contemplating desert island life…

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