Desert Island Comics – Episode 17 – Joe List

Published On July 14, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Desert Island Comics

Take one comic person, add them to a desert island of our choosing, then let them pick just 8 comics, just 8 comics they absolutely, totally, completely could not live without. And a luxury for a little fun. Shamelessly ripping off Roy Plomley’s radio programme, this is a little something we call Desert Island Comics.

This episode finds us in the company of Joe List, he of the Annotated Weekender, Freak Leap, Skimpy Jim. Great set of comics, and a brilliantly weird luxury, complete with a couple of great pics to go along with them:

Desert Island Comics – Episode 17 – Joe List

OK, cool, desert Island, right, these are the books i’d take if asked today. Tomorrow it could be different, except maybe for the first two, they were the easiest ones.


1. Twentieth Century Eightball – Daniel Clowes

My copy of the collected Eightball is worn to bits. I’ve had it for 10 years, it’s been to art school, university and on various holidays. Whenever I pick it up I’m surprised by how familiar each page is. I must have read and re-read it countless times,  staring at the pages in a way I simply don’t do anymore.

I met Dan Clowes a couple of years ago, I told him how Eightball got me through art school, he looked up at me and asked what I did now. I told him that I was a graphic designer… He responded with, “Well, that’s better than most”. That’s right up there with the time Stewart Lee said that I could be the next Doctor Who.

2. Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol. 1Michael Kupperman

I don’t laugh easily when reading. Oh, sure I’ve sniggered at an amusing article, that’s easy. But Tales Designed to Thrizzle makes me laugh. Just now, the thought of Jesus’s half brother ‘Pagus’ made me laugh out loud (‘LOL’). I love it wholeheartedly.


3. LOSE No: 3 Micheal Deforge

We are living in exciting times, who knows what comics Deforge is capable of. I look forward to every comic he puts out. I’ve chosen number three because it’s the one I re-read most recently, but I have yet to read a bad Deforge comic.

4. Sam and Max Surfin’ the Highway – Steve Purcell

This book is packed full of the adventures of my favourite crime busting duo Sam and Max. Those two will always have a special place in my heart. It was thanks to them (and the Tick) that I managed to almost completely avoid ever really getting into superhero books, instead I wandered into a comics shop and saw the faces I’d loved from Saturday Morning cartoons.

I can see the same thing happening with the Adventure Time comics at the moment, the comics aren’t a step down from the animated series, they have been entrusted by heroes of the medium.

[SIDENOTE] I’m getting very excited about watching the new Pixar film, Brave, after finding out that Purcell had a hand in the writing and directing.


5. Any book illustrated by J Otto Siebold. Let’s say Free Lunch written by Vivian Walsh

I will never tire at looking at J Otto’s artwork. He builds wonderful worlds. I recognise this might not be a comic. But it is if you think of each page as a panel, heh.

6. McSweeny’s Quarterly Concern No.13 Edited by Chris Ware

This is the most beautiful book I own. I’d take it wherever I go if it wasn’t so heavy. It also includes two smaller mini comics so it’s a good way of cheating the 8 book rule.


7. Astro Boy, Vol. 1 or 2 – Osamu Tezuka

Astro Boy’sgreat, I love him to bits. The world feels good when I’m reading an Astro Boy comic.

[EDIT – And thanks to Dark Horse doing a handy little omnibus of both volumes, Joe gets to take Vol 1 AND 2]

8. The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

I’m not a religious man, not at all. Not even a little bit, but if I’m stuck on an island for an indefinite period of time I’m going to need something to do, so I might start my own religion, and who better to help out than Rob Crumb?

I’d like a sword. I’ve never had one before and I want to make that swooshing sound without accidentally hurting anyone around me.

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