Crisp Biscuit Comics #2

Published On May 16, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Crisp Biscuit Comics #2

By Robert Wells

Issue 2 of Rob Wells’ Crisp Biscuit Comics – and apart from the upgraded paper stock and the crisper printing, it’s essentially more of the same from issue 1 – reviewed back in 2011.

But don’t misunderstand me – more of the same is not necessarily a bad thing and Rob Wells’ work is light, fun, snappy – a one & two-page sketch show format of a comic to raise a smile and a giggle. It’s another nice little collection of his gag strips, all in colour, all with his rather attractive simple fine line.

Maybe not as funny as issue 1, maybe the novelty’s gone a little, or perhaps simply me in a bad mood? It’s always a risk with a comedy sketch show I suppose.

But there are some nice touches, especially if you’re a fan of The X-Factor – Wells is, me not so much…. but I know enough to find this funny, and thanks to Molly, even recognise the faces and names involved:

Or this one, with me on more familiar satirical ground (although my scanner hates the background – it’s a damn sight cleaner in the comic):

And then there’s the “whatever happened to….” series….

You get the idea, yes? So, looking at those three pages, did they raise a smile? A laugh? Yes? In that case you’ll enjoy Wells’ second issue.

Over at his blog you can get an idea of his strips, including several complete stories and earlier strips in many of the series continued thematically here.

Wells also sent along the latest versions of Crisp Biscuit Comics #1 and Colin Comix #1, crisper, cleaner, posher paper, and professionally printed, but still fun. I especially liked seeing Wells’ rather ridiculous and slightly sad little Hippo with a toilet problem once more, this time in colour:

You can buy Crisp Biscuit Comics #1, #2, and Colin Comix #1 and more from Wells’ website.

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