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Published On November 28, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

The Rainbow Orchid Supplement

by Garen Ewing

Well, by its very nature, this is one for the Rainbow Orchid fans. Unless you’re very strange and happen to enjoy reading minute plot details and seeing behind the scenes stuff from comics you haven’t read? If that’s you, fine, do pick this up, it’s great.

And if you’re looking and wondering ‘Rainbow what?‘ then it falls to me to explain briefly that Garen Ewing’s The Rainbow Orchid is a classic adventuring comic, now available in one beautifully packaged collection, evoking all the best of ligne claire artwork (think Herge and more) with a classic adventuring tale reminiscent of old movie serials, Indiana Jones, Jules Verne and much more, and yes, that boy reporter as well. It’s an excellent book, a lovingly done example of why British comics are so vital and diverse right now.

Seriously, I love the book – here’s the review of the Collected Edition, and from there you’ll find expanded reviews of all 3 individual RO volumes.

But from this point on, I’m┬áspecifically┬átalking to those of you who’ve read, enjoyed, and want more of Garen Ewing’s excellent adventure The Rainbow Orchid. Having recently overseen its final incarnation as a very attractive collected and complete single volume edition, Ewing decided to take it upon himself to get out there once more and self-publish this final supplemental; the dvd extras to the main feature if you will.

So if you’re a Rainbow Orchid fan, you’ll have a grand old time perusing this, dipping in and out of the annotations that form almost the first half of the slim 46-page volume, enjoying (perhaps once more) a few extensive interviews with Ewing (including one from the FPI Blog with Matt Badham), and generally taking in ll the ephemera; sketches, adverts, family histories for the characters, even the comics equivalent of deleted scenes.

Here’s a little of what I’m talking about….

All in all, it’s a distracting, well produced, extras packed little volume. Much fun for the fans. Exactly what Ewing intended.

You can order your copy of The Rainbow Orchid Supplemental from Ewing’s Rainbow Orchid store, it definitely makes a perfect companion sitting next to the complete volume, which you can get from the FPI webstore.

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