Reviews: Philip Bond does Doctor Who and no-one told me?

Published On December 10, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Doctor Who Issue 3

By Brian Seifert and Philip Bond

Some days you can be completely on your game, Johnny on the spot, yet still miss stuff. This month it’s rather felt like I’m swimming through custard in the news and info stakes. Big case in point – Philip Bond had a comic out last week. And I missed it. Completely. Idiot me. Still, here it is, only missed it by a few days after all.

You shouldn’t strictly be able to get it in this country, seeing as it’s one of those IDW Doctor Who comics, but hey, there are ways. Just ask at your local comic shop.

Anyway, t’s a two-parter, written by  Brandon Seifert, art by Philip Bond. And it’s rather wonderful, light, funny, capturing the whole sense of Doctor Who-ish-ness of the series. The Doctor and Rory are out on an Amy mandated boys night out….. dumped in the pub to ‘bond’ as she walks away in that great Mark Buckingham cover above. Except there’s no sitting in the pub for this uncomfortable pair, they decide to skip ahead a little, you know, just to the end of the night… where’s the harm going to be in that eh?

Oh. Sabretooth tigers, prehistoric tarpits, Ian Fleming, World War II, Agents of the Silence, Mammoths. And beer. Lots of beer. Just like you’d expect on a boy’s night out. But more. Way more.

As a mood setter, here’s the first three pages. It sets the tone for the whole comic. Meet you down the page a way.

Well, she’s got problems of her own, but yeah, probably.

Yeah, this is fun, easy to get through comics, essentially just a reason to spend an issue racing around setting up comedy moments for the Doctor and Rory to fall into. But hey, there’s fun to be had in that, and I enjoyed it, in much the same way I enjoyed all the pally pally banter between the triumverate of the Doctor, Amy, and Rory on the screen. And hey, Philip Bond artwork, always a pleasure. But if those three pages above don’t do anything for you, it’s probably not something that’s about to grow on you. This isn’t something that’s going to be hugely plot heavy, and frankly I’m glad. Nice sometimes just to have a bit of funny banter and a conveniently placed plot device or two or three along the way.



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