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Published On December 26, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

So far I’ve talked about Cindy and Biscuit, the comic of a young girl and her dog written and drawn by Dan white in these terms;

‘It’s sweet, funny, action-packed but there’s an emotional layer in there as well, a rather heartbreaking reading into the comic – and it’s that duality that made me absolutely fall in love with Cindy and Biscuit. It’s only May, but I really think I’ve just found another best comic of 2011.’

‘…. every time of the multiple readings so far – it fills my heart with simple joy and then breaks it apart. It’s a lovely little comic, a wonderful new discovery and something I’ll cherish. I think you should as well.’  (Issue 1)

‘Steely determination, a sense of fear, of trepidation, of regret, of being belittled once more, and yet, somewhere in Cindy and Biscuit there’s always that moment of wonderful joy, that hint of a smile, that beautiful moment when Cindy’s world opens up just a little, where the marvels of her world register, where she’s at peace, and just as with that final panel, you’ll find yourself almost cheering in your shared happiness.’

‘For every moment he makes us thrill to the exploits of his heroine kicking butt and taking down the bad guys, there are moments of quiet sadness, that our experiences tell us are all too terribly real. In Cindy & Biscuit Issue 1 it was the realisation that whatever she did, no matter what monstrous threat to the human race she vanquished, she still had to go home to a critical look and disparaging remark from a mom too busy to care. And here it’s the realisation that she can do so much good and yet still, when she gets back on the school bus, she’s the outcast at the back, teased and picked on by her peers. So sad, so beautifully sad,and so beautifully real.’ (Issue 2

So how much happiness do you think there is in Bruton mansions now that I see Dan White has issue 3 of Cindy and Biscuit for sale? Oh yes, lots. And lots. Great Christmas present to myself.

This 56-page issue has the two previously published online at Mindless Ones; Cindy and the fever and Cindy & Biscuit and the camera, but it also has the massive 37-page tale Abducted Again. Very, very excited to be seeing that one in the New Year.

Below are the first few pages, read and then head over to Dan White’s shop to get a copy. And seriously, if you haven’t already, pick up all three – best day of reading you’ll have in a long time.

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