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Published On March 10, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Dan Berry’s After We Shot The Grizzly was a wonderful little comic, a simply beautifully drawn thing I reviewed back in December:

“…a tale of love and loss set out quite beautifully. Lucky you, you’ve got the rest of the song to luxuriate in. Because that’s what you need to do here, luxuriate in the pages. Linger over the words, play them over and over. It’s a simple tale, as lyrical as you’d expect, seeing as it’s a song lyric, and you don’t get much more lyrical than that.

But what my scanner can’t get, sadly, no matter how many times I tried scanning, is the subtlety and textures on each page, and they really are quite lovely pages.”

And just in that pull quote there’s enough to give you a feel of Berry’s work; beautiful, luxuriate, linger, lyrical, subtlety, textures, lovely.

Well, after the first run of Grizzly sold out very quickly, Berry’s gone back to print, and it sounds like he’s made what was very, very lovely even better:

“The first run of After We Shot The Grizzly sold so well and so quickly that I’ve decided to reprint it. While I was largely satisfied with the print quality of the last run, I am DELIGHTED with the quality of this one. It is printed on the finest Italian paper and is squareback bound so it has a spine. It just feels really luxurious.”

And Berry’s also printed up copies of his 24-hour comic Cat Island, as completed in 20-hours at Angouleme this year. It near destroyed his hand, but from the pages online it was worth it; a 20-hour comic that looks simply gorgeous.

“Cat Island is also available and has had a similarly wonderful print job done of it. These went on sale last night and I’ve been delighted with the response. You can still read the whole thing for free here, but that’s a fleeting glimpse at it through a moving car window. It’s a much better experience in print isn’t it? Ripe Digital did the best job of both these books.”

You can get hold of the new and improved version of After We Shot The Grizzly and Cat Island at Dan Berry’s store online. You should get them both.

And his next book, provisionally entitled The Suitcase, will be out from Blank Slate in their Chalk Marks series in August 2012:

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