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Bestseller charts may not tell the entire story behind what’s being read (and why – but you can always look through our reviews and our guest Best Of series for that), but there is always something interesting in looking over a list to see what’s gaining more interest among readers, to see what is actually selling right now. So that end we’re going to post up a weekly bestseller chart for comics, graphic novels (which we’ve split between the mainstream action/adventure and ‘literary’ to be a bit more representative) and manga. The rankings come from the regular sales reports from our 16 UK branches but we would be more than happy for other comics retailers to pass on their sales numbers to add to ours and help give a wider picture. A sales chart is deemed essential for categories such as DVD, Games and Music so perhaps this can become something that can help the whole industry, be of use to the media. If you would like to be included we will include all stores names in the postings, as contributing – contact Kenny to discuss it as he puts the numbers together. Our chart will go live every Monday afternoon. Manpenataoldotcom.


1   Detective Comics #5
2   Action Comics #5
3   Green Lantern #5
4   Uncanny X-Men #4
5   Batman and Robin #5
6   Avengers X-Sanction #2
7   Avengers Annual #1
8   Wolverine and X-Men #4
9   New Avengers #20
10 Batman the Dark Knight #4

Graphic Novels – Action/Adventure

1    Marvel Collection Volume 2: Uncanny X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga
2    Walking Dead Volume 15
3    Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye
4    Batman The Dark Knight Volume 1 Golden Dawn Deluxe HC
5    Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne
6    Batman Hush Complete
7    Batman Arkham City Hardcover
8    Fear Itself Premiere Hardcover
9    Walking Dead Volume 2: Miles Behind Us
10  Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars

Graphic Novels – Literary

1    The Death-Ray – Dan Clowes
2    From Hell – Moore and Campbell
3    Bone One Volume Edition, – Jeff Smith
4    Habibi – Craig Thompson
5    Before the Incal – Jodorowsky
6    Brooklyn Dreams – DeMattias and Barr
7    The Incal – Jodorowsky and Moebius
8    Nelson – edited Phoenix & Davis
9    Spera Volume 1 – various,
10   Heavy Liquid – Paul Pope


1    Naruto Volume 54
2    Yu Gi Oh GX Volume 8
3    One Piece Volume 60
4    Death Note Black Edition
5    Rosario + Vampire 2 Volume 7
6    K On Volume 4
7    Naruto Volume 53
8    Blue Exorcist Volume 5
9    Death Note Black Volume 2
10  Bleach Volume 37

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