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Published On January 14, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Best of the Year 2011, Comics, Comics For Children

Molly wanted to join in with the Best Of Year posts, and she deliberated a little while over it, before coming up with three great picks. One she’s already reviewed, one she’s written specially for this and a third that she was going to review yesterday. Except those troublesome teachers at her school do insist on setting homework.

So here we go…. Molly’s Best Three of 2011:

The Boss – by John Aggs and Patrice Aggs (DFC Library)

This is the one I had no time to review! Bad teachers!

But it was very, very cool reading an adventure about the group of schoolkids and the wonderful Boss!

Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja Chicken: Troublems with Frenemies – Ray Friesen (Top Shelf)

“These two are the best of friends one minute and the worst of enemies the next. That’s the whole “frenemies” thing. They have lots of fun, but fights break out all the time, over the silliest of things. But silly is good – and silly is very funny.

But my very favourite strip is Tough Yet Fluffy, and I like it because it mixes comic art and photography…. and because the plush toys are so CUTE! Yes, it’s well written and the art is lovely… but really, how cute? The book is really good because it is so funny and very cute (very). The art is really funny as well. Lots of laughs, a fast and fun read.”

Please Be Moral – Do Not Spit – Sarah McIntyre’s China Travel Comic

Everything that the main characters do in here is everything that Sarah did on her travels in China. And it looked like Sarah had loads of fun along the way, portraying the country so well that it makes me want to go there myself (and those Chinese sweets look lovely).

The comic was written and drawn by Sarah while she was there, which is pretty amazing really. It’s funny, fun and full of lots of great details.

It was available in a lovely handmade edition at Thought Bubble and I’m really grateful to Sarah that she gave me a copy! Thanks Sarah! Dad says you can read it all (and you should)  at the David Fickling Books website.

Thanks to Molly for those – nice choices as well! Next year, hopefully less juggling with homework and more time to pick her best comics – priorities, priorities!

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4 Responses to Best Of Year – Molly’s Picks…

  1. Yay! Thanks, Molly! 😀

  2. Ray Friesen says:

    I would like to likewise yay. Yay! Molly, you have great taste!

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  4. Edinburgh Flats says:

    The Boss is fabulous. Thanks for the recommendation Molly and keep up the good work.
    good luck