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Published On December 16, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

Time once more to ask someone to choose the one cover they reckon qualifies as the Best EVER. An impossible task perhaps? But fun to speculate…..

This week it’s the turn of Rufus Dayglo, artist for 2000AD, for Tank Girl, and soon, with Sofie Dodgson, he’ll be the artist on the new series Solid Gold Death Mask for Ashley Wood’s 3A company.

So here goes … over to Rufus:

Picking a favourite cover is like asking a parent to pick a favourite child…. (Ok, maybe slightly less emotionally distressing, and less likely to cause resulting temper tantrums from the unpicked perhaps…)

I could’ve picked any number of Comic Covers that meant a lot to me… like Marvel’s Blade Runner Issue 2 cover (by Brent Anderson), Mick McMahon’s spectacular 2000ad Prog 85 (I am the law…I am Dredd…Judge Dredd!!!) or Carlos Ezquerra’s classic Prog 181 (Strontium Dog)……

But for me I’ll pick ….

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY Holiday Special 1984. Cover art by Jordi Penalva

I bought it as a child, with pennies given to me on summer holiday by my Grandad, and this comic book blew my mind… A Commando blasting away with his Tommy gun, shell cases flying out of the gun, suppressor flash in your face!… the visceral energy, and the dynamism of the composition.

It’s both evocative, and yet so beautifully simple.

I wanted to be able to draw a Tommy gun like that…and draw soldiers that looked like they’d just scaled a cliff to attack the Jerries!

It’d painted by the criminally neglected Jordi Penalva, a wonderful talented artist who painted many covers for the Digest books in the Sixties. His paintings are always beautiful and dynamic. Check them out in David Roach’s excellent ‘Aargghh!! It’s War: The Best War Comic Cover Art’ and ‘The Art of War – More of the best’, two completely indispensable books!

I reread this comic til it fell apart. I still have it, and it’s in very poor condition, like any good comic should be.

To top it all off, I’m lucky enough to have the original art hanging on my wall, to remind me of how much I have to learn!

Many thanks to Rufus, not just for sharing that with us, but for sending along pictures of both his wonderfully worn and much loved copy of the comic, plus the original art in situ:

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