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Published On December 30, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

Back to the never-ending task of choosing the Best Cover EVER…. which is also a great chance for us to show off some great artwork!

This time we’re dropping in on one half of the Etherington Brothers, a team responsible for a series of fine, fine children’s comics over the past few years; amongst others they’ve given us Monkey Nuts and Baggage for the DFC Library, and are currently involved with The Phoenix Comic where they produced the strip Long Gone Don. 

Here’s Robin Etherington…. and his pick for Best Cover EVER?……

M-Rex Issue 1 Tour Edition – Cover by Duncan Rouleau, 1999. 

God, where do you even start? I know, how about the first cover that pulled me back in to comics and set me on the path to my current career.

Attached is a copy of the signed M-Rex Issue 1 wrap-around Tour Edition special that I stumbled upon in a York comic shop way back in 1999. It was also the comic that first introduced me to the talents of Joe Kelly and Duncan Rouleau. I can remember seeing this thing sitting on the shelf and just KNOWING I had to have it, regardless of the story (which was also great). Everything about the composition and character design just screamed FUN.

Superbly detailed, beautifully coloured, and brilliantly entertaining.

As it happened the series would only ever run to two issues but that did little to deflate my mood then, and nothing to deflate the pleasure I still receive from this first great cover.

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