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Published On November 4, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Some people spend their time on the Internetty looking at cats….. not us…

Can’t believe I missed this first time round…. Francesco Francavilla does a mini Nick Fury adventure….

Will Kirkby:

Fegredo Hellboy (Aw Yeah Comics)

Jordi Bernet – The Shadow (Via Bendis)

… and more from BendisEvan Dorkin:

… and just one last one… Hewlett does Allred’s Madman… again via Bendis

Alberto Varanda:

Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz (Via Lulu)

Emma Frost by Bruce Timm (from Keane On Comics)

Steve Rude (Via Lulu):

Found by Wim here...  a lovely line, great style….. Amanda Majoor

Sam Hiti:

And finally…. I did like this little “kneejerk reaction” to the news that Disney is now the house of mouse, the house of M and the house of Lucas….. Ken Christiansen (Via TTRPA)


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