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Published On August 5, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Art goings on on that there Internet thing….

Sarah McIntyre takes us back to that wonderful Olympics Opening Ceremony:

John Cei Douglas – a weight-lifting badger….

Kirby’s Medusa… gorgeous and perfect (Via Julia Scheele):

Claude Mirande – FB, website:

David Hitchcock Batman and Joker:

Cruella De Vil by Robbi Rodriguez over at Ashcan All-Stars:

Covered blog delights once more… this time it’s Brad Campbell – Original cover by Dale Hale; Dell 1962.


Lovely pulpy superhero comics covers by Jon Morris, and of course the Black Widow lends herself perfectly to this sort of thing. (Via The Beat)

Nulsh doesn’t draw superheroes usually, but when your kids pester…. sometimes you just have to cave. And then produce something that may well scar them for life!

It may seem like a nicely done Steampunk-y Iron Man by Justin Currie, but what really makes it special is when you switch off the lights (via Time Travel & Rocket Powered Apes):

I think I missed this when it came out? Or maybe it’s all simply a dream from Daily DCU? (Via Lulu Bonanza)

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