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Published On April 8, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Internet meet Comics….

Will Kirkby Joker and Batman:

Nick Abadzis has his brilliant Hugo Tate out soon, but he’s also done the recent MODOK cover for a special of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. And posted pencils and finished work at his website:

How cool would this be if this was your bedroom as a child? Philippa Rice’s Spaceboys pattern as a wall decal:

The Endless by Cris Vector over on Deviant Art

and a detail:

Graeme Neil Reid‘s Sherlock (twitpic)

Phil Noto’s Miss Emma Frost, New York City, 1984:

Cliff Chiang’s Gaga piece for GQ’s 2010 End of the Year special:

Dan Hipp’s Soul Mates – Orphans:

Part of the Superhero Of The Month website’s reworking of Birds Of Prey, I saw this by Rory and at first I thought it some strange Endless art – that’s a great Delirium. Then I saw it was Batgirl on the scooter, and it’s not Delirium, it’s a very punker Black Canary.

Cameron Stewart has been posting a fair few of these “personal work” on his tumblr recently. This one is merely indicative of how darned good they are. Love that nose….

Steph Buscema with a little Julie Newmar Catwoman:

… and a great beat Batgirl:

Mike Maihack doing some great work:

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