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Published On April 1, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Sunday… relax, sit back, let some art caress your eyes….

Now this is WJC doing something for a new thing… 4-pages of new thing. No idea what.

He says: “Characters from a 4 page strip that will be out later this year. Likely to be called The Black Imps

We hope it’s Marvel going for a radical new Black Widow….

Cliff Chiang’s variant cover for New Deadwardians #1, by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard – out now! Over at the DC Source, editor Will Dennis talks of Chiang going for classic Penguin cover mixed with Aubrey Beardsley.

Ellen Lindner‘s ad for Cakehole (Via Wim)

… and on the subject of comic artists doing illustration work… Adam Cadwell for May 2012 Mojo (out now), a full page jack White illo:

Brandon Graham Storm (via Aw Yeah Comics)

Great, great Xavier Pulido cover to Shade #6 – although sadly it’s the variant.

Gary Northfield discovers some old art on a hard disk somewhere: “Just found an old proposal in my HD; a tidier ancestor of Gary’s Garden I’d say!”

Such a great cover… although I’d imagine there’s many, many great Dan DeCarlo covers I could have picked. (Via Lulu Bonanza)

Joelle Jones does Death (Via Comic Art Appreciation):

Paul Pope (Aw Yeah Comics)

And Ben Templesmith doing Hellboy (again Aw Yeah Comics)

Recent Rick Veitch commission: “The request was only “Miracleman crying””. This is inks version, pencil version here.

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  1. Kenny says:

    The Rick Veitch place looks like the characters head was photoshopped on later – sure it wasn’t – something wrong with the way it sits