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Published On January 15, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Art in t’Internet:

Ready for “The Reichenbach Fall” on Sunday? Here’s Phil Noto’s Sherlock and Watson:

Jamie McKelvie: guest cover to Lil’ Depressed Boy #8 from Image – preview here.

The spirit of independence floats on the breeze…. and then the music starts and wipes it away. 1984 Self-Publishers Jam piece by (l to r); Dave Sim, James Owen, Jeff Smith, Martin Wagner, Colleen Doran. (Via Moment Of Cerebus)

Cliff Chiang Project Rooftop Justice League redesigns

Miracleman by Paul Renaud, one of two for a French text on Moore (via Lulu Bonanza)

Steve Rude (Via Comic Art Appreciation):

More Spidey from Jeremy The Artist, (Via F-Yeah Spider-Man)

Finally a little bit of good silly: Buffy & The Scoobies, the album? (Via SFX)

Paul Peart-Smith does Munoz’s Sinner:

Boulet does Calvin & Hobbes:

Dave Cooper does Allred’s Madman (Via Aw Yeah Comics):

And whilst on Aw Yeah Comics… here’s a glorious Darwyn Cooke Spirit:

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