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Published On December 16, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Nope, still not that Christmassy – just damn good artsy on the Internetsy…..

Sarah Dyer cover for the much loved, much missed Action Girl comic (1996, via Hic & Hoc). In the mid 90s something like this was such a wonderful palette cleanser, so full of light, enjoyable wonderful work, such a difference to the misery dominating comics at the time it seemed.

Sarah McIntyre on the launch of Felt Mistress’ Creature Couture (previewed here) – l to r Woodrow Phoenix (book design), Louise Evans (Felt Mistress herself), and Jonathan Edwards:

Gorgeous Kate Brown commission for Becky Cloonan

James Harvey – Zygote is still being worked on, and dammit, still looks great:

David Hitchcock (via his FB)

Derek Charm – The Invisibles (Via Lulu):

Marlo Meekins (Via Julia Scheele)…. I want a magic unicorn moment…

Matt Baxter (designer at The Phoenix) sent in some Chloe Noonan fan-art – everyone loves Marc Ellerby’s Noonan right? Stuck for a gift, worried about postage…. get them a Noonan collection on pdf, or an Ellerbisms digital collection. Bloody great read. Bit of a problem to wrap though.


Abigail Ryder:

And whilst on Abi Ryder’s Dumpy Little Robot site – a mention for her new comic (with writer Dave Bulmer) – Imaginary Gumbo. An all-ages comic that I’m going to (hopefully) have a look at in the New Year…

WJC commission – James Corcoran’s Tiger Boy:

Haven’t put anything up in a while from the Fashion From Old People tumblr by Vera Brosgol and Em Carroll.

Here’s a Vera Brosgol….

Darryl Cunningham (from his FB) – “Realities converge in ballroom at the famous Outernational Hotel.”

Brandon Graham’s version of Paul Pope’s THB and HR Watson…

José Luis Macías – roughs for a cover – gorgeous. From the Facebook of Jose Luis Macias Sampedro:

Chris Weston storyboards for a film promoting upcoming video game Crysis3 – more at his site:

More Hobbit artwork… this from Tove Jansson. I always forget she did some gorgeous Hobbit art for its Swedish publication. Lots of it here.


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