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Published On November 15, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Film TV & Theatre

Jammed is a cool short animation from M-I-E, celebrating a now largely defunct audio medium that many of us grew up with – the audio cassette. The humble cassette was more than just a medium for storing your music on though, it was portable and allowed many of us to carry our music with us in cars or in the early Walkman personal stereos, we could be creative and make our own mix tapes (who here over the age of 30 hasn’t made a mix tape for a special someone?), some of us even had a bunch of them hooked through a mix deck to create something else entirely. It’s a lot easier to do it all digitally nowadays, of course, but there’s still a certain nostalgia for the old audio tape and what it offered to many of us, that Jammed celebrates:

Jammed from M-I-E on Vimeo.

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