Animation: Early Disney concept art

Published On October 9, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Film TV & Theatre

Now some of these are just beautiful pieces of fantasy artwork – created by Mary Blair (and others, such as the one above which is by Gustaf Tenggren as Nigel Dobbyn pointed out) as concept designs for some of Walt Disney’s early and now iconic and much loved animated masterpieces (whatever some may think of Disney as a company or the man, there’s no getting around the sheer richness of their animation, especially those early, golden years, a highwater mark for lush, hand-drawn animation). Buzzfeed has a swathe of Mary’s concept art and designs which would influence how many now classic Disney films would finally look, shaping images which are now cemented into our shared popular culture. They are also quite lovely things to admire in their own right. You can see more of Mary’s wonderful art on this very nice tribute site run by her nieces. (tip of the hat to Jamie Smart for the link, art by Mary Blair, (c) Disney)

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2 Responses to Animation: Early Disney concept art

  1. Nigel Dobbyn says:

    Nice, although the first one here is by Gustaf Tenggren not Mary Blair (according to the Buzzfeed site).

  2. Joe says:

    oops, thanks, Nigel!