Your very own Grant Morrison guide to writing!

Published On January 31, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Yes, you too can now write like psychedelic quantum magic comics scribe Grant Morrison! Just cut out and keep this handy guide to how to write like Grant next to your writing desk at all times and four-colour stardom shall surely only be a matter of time!

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About The Author

Richard Bruton

– Started in comics retail aged 16 at Nostalgia & Comics, Birmingham. Now located in Yorkshire, he’s written for the Forbidden Planet International Blog since 2007. Specialising in UK Comics and All-Ages comics, Richard’s day job in a primary school allowed him to build the best children’s graphic novel library in the country.

8 Responses to Your very own Grant Morrison guide to writing!

  1. “We need to kill the Hexagonal god particle? How the hell are we gonna do that!?!”
    “Use the multiversal null bullet.”
    “Where do we find that? People have searched for years.”
    “It’s hidden in a dream.”

    HA HA! It works! Yes!

  2. Eugene says:

    “But what KIND of dream?!”
    “A unimorphic dream. WE WILL NEED A TOTEM!”
    “A singularity anti-matter totem?”

    I don’t think there’s a way to fail if you follow this list

  3. Temidien says:

    This comic was actually made by these fine folks: and not Forbidden Planet.

    Thanks for giving them credit for their work.

  4. Joe says:

    Temidien, if you look at the blog you’ll see we normally do our best to credit the creators of any image as it is only right, but in this case all I had was a link to a picture on a photobucket site with no clue as to where it originated, good to know now

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