WJC: praise from on high, original art, and a lovely competition…… (UPDATED)

Published On June 12, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics, Competitions

Warwick Johnson Cadwell / WJC is a firm favourite here at the FPI blog, even though I only heard of him for the first time in Jan 2010s New British Comics #2 and Birdsong/Songbird in March 2010. Both were great examples of a genuine talent, and one that was soon picked up by a lot of people. WJC is also rapidly taking a place as one of the real artists that other artists make wow noises about, the latest being Mick McMahon, in this really lovely tweet from Rob Davis at the recent 2D Convention.

(UPDATE later on the 12th – From Mick McMahon’s blog: WJC & McMahon realise they live pretty close to each other and pop to the pub for a pint and comic chat…. how lovely is our little world of comics sometimes?)

But Kenny at Blank Slate Books got in there way before any of that attention and signed him up for the much anticipated Gungle (probably out in 2012):

“Warwick’s book possibly has as much anticipation from the UK comics community as anything we’ve done until this date – big, bold, amazing art – Gungle will surely make people sit up and realise what a talent he is.” Kenny Penman, publisher Blank Slate

So, with al that attention wouldn’t you like a bit of original WJC artwork? There’s a couple of ways to get a piece:

First, you could lay down a very small amount of money for his pages from the Stray Bullets anthology – over at his webstore.

Or second, if you fancy a chance to win a WJC sketch for absolutely nowt, the good people at New British Comics have a competition for you:

“We have a special WJC-NBC competition today, so if you want to win a free copy of our anthology with a special sketch, and have some fun, just keep reading.

“….what do we really know about WJC? Is his existence a fact or just a myth? Who is he? A family man from south of England or a creature from deep depths of the ocean? Or maybe he did come from the outer space? It’s time to learn the truth! And get a free copy of NBC #3 with an exclusive (WJC) sketch. To get your hands on it, you have to:

1. Take a look on a picture below. It’s really an auto portrait of WJC, who’s hidden among many other people. Take a careful look, and decide which person is WJC.
2. Send a number which is next to the person you’ve chosen from the picture to karolwisnia@gmail.com. Please write ‘WJC contest’ as a subject of the e-mail.
3. On 20th of June we will reveal the truth on the blog, and draw a prize winner from the people who have sent the right answer.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some WJC! And while you’re over at the NBC site, why not treat yourself to a copy of two of their books, that way, everyone wins.

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2 Responses to WJC: praise from on high, original art, and a lovely competition…… (UPDATED)

  1. WJC says:

    Thanks very much! For the compliment and for the NBC competition plug. I am getting a lot of wonderful encouragement and enthusiasm for Gungle which I appreciate enormously. I’m very sorry that it’s taking so much longer to tackle than i’d originally thought.

    But tackle it i will.


  2. Rich Johnson says:

    I first saw WJC’s work in New British Comics, too, the Von Trapp strip in Vol. 3 and was completely knocked out by it. I’ll be in line for Gungle when it comes out.