What’s the power of Thor? …… 16

Published On June 22, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Comics

That gag and many more are to be found in a cracking Muppets/ Thor mashup by Canaan Grall done as part of 24 hour comics day:

“So I decided to try my hand at the 24 hour challenge this year. I didn’t quite make it, 15 pages inked and the last 9 pencilled. But they’re all done, and here they are. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I took time to work on this week’s CSBG theme of Muppets and Comics, so I merged the two to make… Kermit Thor Frog! Enjoy!”

And it’s a great 24 pages of Muppets, naked Thunder Gods, an angry Miss Piggy, Kermit travelling in time … all in all it’s rather funny, and even manages to throw in a dash of poignant sentimentality as well…. here’s Page 1:

And here’s the age with that great power of Thor gag…

(Via Robot 6)

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