Warrior – Spiral Path and Demon Stalker

Published On August 4, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Okay, last few yesteryear treats for you from the 2nd issue of Dez Skinn’s influential Warrior comic that I picked up in the Oxfam comics bash in Edinburgh recently (see here for gig report). Here’s Steve Parkhouse with the Spiral Path fantasy work (click the pics for the bigger versions on Flickr):

Warrior 2 Spiral Path 01

Warrior 2 Spiral Path 02

And more heroic fantasy comics work from Steve Moore, John Bolton and that man Uncle Dez Skinn himself with Shandor: Demon Stalker:

Warrior 2 Shandor Demon Stalker 01

Warrior 2 Shandor Demon Stalker 02

Warrior 2 Shandor Demon Stalker 03

As with 2000 AD it is hard to understimate the value and influence of Warrior – I mean, just look at some of the names in this second issue alone, with Alan Moore, Steve Moore, Steve Parkhouse, John Bolton, David Lloyd, Steve Dillon, Garry Leach… The fact that it was the first place for Moore and Lloyd’s V For Vendetta (my personal favourite graphic novel) to be read alone marks out a worthy space in the history of Brit comics, let alone all the other great creators who came together to make a comic aimed at adult readers (commonplace now, groundbreaking to aim at a mature audience who had grown up with comics and were now looking for material they could read as adults back in the early 80s). Hope you’ve enjoyed the wee nostalgic glimpse these scans have given back to those early 80s days – if you missed some, here’s a quick round-up of links: Marvelman, V For VendettaLaser Eraser and Pressbutton, The Madman. All art featured by and (c) the respective creators.

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