'Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Published On December 24, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Film TV & Theatre

… and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. I have adored Tom’n’Jerry (and Daffy, Bugs, Droopy et al) since I was a wee boy watching them with my dear dad (we both still love them, some things you never grow out of) – not just so funny, but so full of character (just a slight change of expression on Tom’s face can still crack me up, so well is it drawn), richness of that 30s and 40s animation (too expensive now for all but the biggest budget feature film animation), the precise timing to music, I just keep appreciating them all the more as I get older. In fact I was lucky enough to see a whole bunch of classic cartoons from that era recently in the Filmhouse in Edinburgh, quite delightful to see them on the big screen where they belong (even better the kids in the audience laughed and laughed – it pleased me to see Fred Quimby, Chuck Jones et al could still make kids laugh 80 years on, a tribute to their skills).

But tonight is Christmas Eve and that can mean only one particular Tom’n’Jerry cartoon – and through the magic of the interwebs we can find and play it when we want nowadays instead of waiting to see if the BBC was going to repeat it. Most of you will have seen this many times, as I have, but still love it, those of you who have never watched it, sit back and luxuriate in some of the best short animation from that wonderful mid 20th century period that produced so many amazing cartoons. Genius, plain and simple.

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