Turn Left

Published On August 4, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Conventions and events

Turn Left was a multi-media garden party held at the Fleece station studios in New Cross. New Cross itself is home to a large tranche of cartoonist currently occupying the self publishing boon in London. Here is a quick list (please excuse any omissions): deep breath – Ellen Lindner, Sarah McIntyre, Gary Northfield, Howard Hardiman, David O’Connell, Tom Humberstone, Julia Scheele and Sarah Gordon.


Turn Left 2011

During the day there was a communal table area, a cafe service, cakes and booze, cells with installations, and an outdoor stage for song, poetry and theatre. I had a really good time working my way through a plate of brownies and being interviewed in the cells by Mike Leader. Sadly I missed the Derek the Sheep play, but I’m told¬† it was well received. For me this event was a chance to be a punter and hang out with people – it was refreshing to chat to people whom normally I would spend about 30 seconds shouting at over a con table. Along with the Comica monthly meet-ups the social aspect is a great chance for a closer discussion of each other’s work and interests, away from the black hole of the internet.

Turn Left 2011

Turn Left 2011

(all pics by and (c) Sean, taken from his Flickr)

Finally I dug deep and brought two comics from the communal table:  The Accidental Salad by Joe Decie and Diary Comic by Sally Anne Hickman. So a lovely day and a welcome new addition to the comics event calendar.

Thanks to Sean for the pics and report; you can follow Sean via his own site here and his most recent work, Nine Months of Beige, was reviewed by Richard here on the blog.

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