Tuk Tuk….. Only Fools and Horses in a fantasy setting (and it looks a beaut)

Published On April 23, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Isn’t that just spectacularly amazing? Okay, maybe not at this size, but click on the pic for full size and be wowed. And here’s a detail:

Now do you see what I mean?

Thise images are just the latest from Will Kirkby‘s new project/comic “Tuk Tuk“. The full page image and more from the series is online at his Live Journal where he goes by the name of Chamonkee.

I’ve mentioned Kirkby on the FPI blog before, with his Rogue Tropper strip for the 2000AD Fanzine Nu-Earth and his quite brilliant Paul Pope-esque strip Peckham in the anthology Birdsong/Songbird. There’s something in his artwork that I really love, and Peckham showed me he had the storytelling to match the style. So Tuk Tuk already has my attention and my expectations raised high.

Tuk Tuk should be released at the Bristol Comic Con in May and is going to be an A4 full colour comic with 24 pages of comics by Kirkby, plus guest strips, sketches and illustrations rounding it out to 32 pages. Here’s what Kirkby had to say about it after an enquiry through email:

“Tuk Tuk is set in a fictitious version of the British colonies, mixed with a steampunk disregard for technology appropriate for the era. Mixed with my sketchy recollections of the original dungeon and dragons rules it means gold=XP, which to my mind means a culture where the real fantasy heroes aren’t warriors or drug taking barbarians or aged mages crackling with the power of the ages, but merchants who are out to make a fast buck. This of course led to me daydreaming about Only Fools and Horses in a fantasy setting.”

Only Fools and Horses in a fantasy setting“. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? And here’s a couple of colour pages to show that it looks fantastic as well:

And because I’ve brought them both up – regarding Birdsong/Songbird and Peckham, here’s Kirkby again:

“The second Birdsong should be out in a month we’re just doing the graphic design layout now. The second issue had to be split in two due to size. So number two will have Naniiebims, Nicki Stu, Sarah McIntyre, Dave O’Connell and some new names in there.”

“My story and Warwicks (Warwick Johnson Cadwell/ WJC) won’t be appearing till issue three due around September. Though to make up for the wait for the next instalment of Peckham will be almost twice as long as the first and filled with some extra awesomeness!”

So Birdsong/Songbird, one of the nicest anthology comics I’d seen in a long time will hopefully have 2 issues in 2011. Two things to look forward to!

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