The Spider Moon Book 1 – a review by Mia (age 9)

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In my role as Librarian at my Yorkshire Primary School, we’ve been very, very successful in building a big graphic novel library. I’ve written about the genesis of that previously on the FPI Blog (here and here).

Well, it’s a tremendous success. Our children now love their graphic novels and comics. It’s helping to make them really excited about reading, and all readers, whether strong or not so strong, have something to delight them in the graphic novel library. And this is the very essence of what our literacy strategy is all about – we don’t just want to create children who can read, we want to create children who are passionate readers, who enjoy reading. We do that, and we’ve accomplished something wonderful.

And it’s not just their reading that we want to improve, we also want to inspire them to become writers. And one way we want to do that is to bring their writing to a wider audience, to make them aware that what they write, how they write, is important.

Which brings me to Mia….. one of our brilliant Year 5 librarians. She wrote a quick review of Kate Brown’s The Spider Moon for the library and I was so impressed with it that I asked her to expand on it. She came back with a great review, which we’re very pleased to share with you.

Ladies and gentlemen… Mia (age 9):

The Spider Moon Book 1

By Kate Brown

DFC Library

The Spider Moon is about a place where things are going wrong – a great disaster is looming over them, a disaster long foretold by the prophecies of the people. And just as in those prophecies the stars have started to fall down. Some people tried to escaping by climbing over mountains or crossing seas, but none returned.

There was one hope for them and that was the “Floating Isle”, just visible high above the land.

The Spider Moon is also the story of one girl; Bekka. She’s part of a group of people with webbed hands to help them swim, and help them in their jobs as divers. Bekka’s training to be a diver, and is about to take her test. Being a diver is very important to the people – they dive for little sea creatures called spinefish that are sent away to make oil. The oil is then used as fuel for the Floating Isle.

Bekka passes her diving test because she gets the sand her teacher wanted her to get… but not before a mysterious encounter with a really big whale! I thought the picture of Bekka and the whale was really great – it really made me think how strange Bekka’s world was….. and how unusual Bekka is; just how did she get back on dry land after her encounter with the whale – and why was completely dry? More and more mysteries!

Bekka’s mother is arrested, but nobody knows why. She’s taken away by the Bird people, who I thought looked a little like angels with little wings on their backs. Bekka and her sister go to search for them, travelling by canoe to get to the Bird People’s huge ship. The water gets too rough for them so they have to swim to the ship.

When they get there they find their mom and try to listen to what everyone is saying. But they get caught and locked up in the palace of the Bird People. A prince lets them out, but it’s not long before they’re caught again!

That is the end of Book 1. I like the pictures in Spider Moon, especially the whale because it’s so huge compared to Bekka.

I really enjoy it because it has a good story to it, and I think the idea of the sky falling down is really good. And I thought Bekka was very brave all the way through.

I think that if you enjoy adventure books and the DFC books you will enjoy the Spider Moon! I think that everyone should read this book. And I really hope to see Book 2 sometime!

Thank you to Mia for that. I think you’ll all agree with me that it was a lovely review. Now, DFC, Kate Brown, any news on Book 2? You don’t want to disappoint Mia surely?

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9 Responses to The Spider Moon Book 1 – a review by Mia (age 9)

  1. Andy says:

    A great review Mia! You’ve left me most intrigued about this story- I’ll have to get myself a copy now.

  2. Paul Rainey says:

    Great review. I want to read the book now.

  3. Jim Medway says:

    Great Review – makes me want to read the book.
    many thanks,

  4. Dave Morris says:

    I loved Spider Moon when I read it in The DFC and this review reminds me what’s great about it. Those panels with Becca and the whale are really amazing. I agree with Mia – come on, DFC, we need Book 2!

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  6. John Freeman says:

    Thanks for telling us what you liked about Spider Moon, Mia. OK Kate – where is Book 2? 🙂

  7. Kate says:

    Thanks so much, Mia! That’s a really awesome review, I’m so happy you liked it! 🙂

  8. Karol W. says:

    Really nice review and book as well. And they say kids don’t read comics anymore.