The melancholic delights of Depressed Cat….

Published On December 15, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Depressed Cat: Nine Miserable Lives

By Lizz Lunney

Lizz Lunney’s comics are always, always a delight to get. Consistently interesting, quirky, innovative, silly, funny, surreal slices of cartooning.

This latest isn’t really a collection of comics though, more a collection of gag comic strips, 80 pages of A6 sized miserableness all featuring that wonderful character of Lunney’s; Depressed Cat.

Here he is, the star of the show:

Don’t you just love him? Now, if only he could find a way to love himself.

It’s quite simple really. He’s a cat. He’s depressed. He does things. Things happen. It rarely works out that well for Depressed Cat, but even when there’s a chink of light breaking through the gloom, he can’t see it.



Online Sigh

Along the way you’ll meet a few guest stars from the strange and wonderful place that is the Lunney-verse: Watermelon Boy, Keith the Wizard (plus Unicorns), Mr Lemon, and Dullbog.

You’ll see Depressed Cat in all manner of situations; depressed in a number of places, melancholy at parties, blue at work, down at home, generally under a cloud out and about. There’s even a visit or two to the shrink, and a glimpe at previous melancholic felines in an all-star guest artist gallery.

But in the end, the glory of depressed Cat is when Depressed cat is simply being Depressed Cat, a few panels of something and a perfectly timed sigh win the day every time.

The gag just does not get old. You can (and should) get Depressed Cat from Lizz Lunney’s website. Perfectly formed, brilliantly unusual Christmas gifts…. comics are what all the cool kids are giving you know.

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