The Library Reviews: Squish and Babymouse by Ryan and Matthew (Year 6)

Published On October 15, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, Reviews, The Library Chronicles

Away from writing for the FPI blog, I work in a local primary school up here in East Yorkshire. We’ve got a thriving graphic novel library there, and a lot of new comic readers. This year I’m really going to be pushing them to tell you all about it.

If you’re a creator working in children’s comics, please get in touch. Even better, send us stuff. We love stuff!

First up for this term is a couple of quick reviews from two Year 6 pupils to talk about a couple of books by Jennifer and Matthew Holm; Babymouse and Squish. I reviewed them here and here, and was convinced that they’d be incredibly popular at school. I’m so glad to say I was right!

Squish – Super Amoeba – By Ryan Yr 6

By Jennifer L. HolmMatthew Holm

Squish is the first part of a new series by the writer and artist who also do Babymouse. I read the first book and it was hilarious!

It is based on scientific facts and turns them into something fun.

Even though it is short I enjoyed it I would recommend this book to people who like comics and who want to learn something about the super-small world around us.

I would give this book 5 stars and ten out of ten!

Babymouse – Our Hero – By Matthew Yr 6

By Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

I think Babymouse is really good to read.

It’s all about a mouse called Babymouse who is always dreaming of something else, and has lots of daydreams about being other people. In this story she wants to be a superhero. At school she has a locker that easts (really eats!) all her homework and the teacher called Mrs Slug who just doesn’t believe her. Also at school she has problems with a cat called Felicia, who really, really hates Babymouse!

Babymouse is quite good at everything but not dodgeball – poor Babymouse hates Dodgeball and always tries to leave her trainers at home.

In gym class the gym teacher Mr Croc is warming the class up for a wrestling match, and it’s Babymouse versus Felicia! At the end of the match Babymouse does a big swipe punch and knocks Felicia out. And after the excitement of the wrestling match Babymouse becomes popular in school and makes Felicia jealous.

Thanks to Matthew and Ryan for the great reviews and thank you very much for artist Matthew Holm for very generously donating a set of Babymouse books to the school graphic novel library. This is what they looked like:

Like I said at the top of this article, if you’re a creator working in children’s comics, please get in touch. Send us things, get your publisher to send us your books. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing your books will be beloved by your target audience, not only will you get that warm glow from knowing you’re helping our drive to raise literacy standards through comics – there’s a good chance you’ll get featured here on the FPI blog when our pupils review your books!

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4 Responses to The Library Reviews: Squish and Babymouse by Ryan and Matthew (Year 6)

  1. Jim Medway says:

    Great review – I’ve read one Babymouse, but will seek out their other stuff too now. Thanks!

  2. Jim Medway says:

    Great review. Have read one Babymouse book, but will seek out their other stuff now. Thanks!

  3. Debs Millar says:

    I agree, great reviews and super drawing of Squish

  4. Thanks for sharing, it’s great to read this! (And lovely Squish drawing!)