The Etherington’s Baggage reviewed by Mia (Year 6)

Published On November 20, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children

More DFC Reviews from the super-talented pupils at school. This time it’s the Etherington Brothers’ madcap adventure Baggage.

And the review is written by Mia, the very talented reviewer from Year 6 who we last heard from when she reviewed Spider-Moon for us so very well.

Here she goes again…..


By The Etherington Brothers

DFC Library

Review by Mia (Year 6)

Baggage is all about Randall, who has to return the oldest piece of luggage in the lost property warehouse where he works to its owner, or he’s going to get fired:

To give you an idea of how silly Randall is… the case he decides to pick is the one right at the bottom of a huge pile.

And the whole pile comes crashing down on top of him, they all fly out the huge doors and take Randall with them.

Once he gets the case he starts looking at it for clues for who it belongs to, which starts us off on a really funny, really silly, but very good adventure.

The case is covered in stickers that act as clues – first Randall looks in a sweet shop because of the sticker of some really old bubblegum. The old lady who runs the shop (Ruby) knows the next name on the case, and Randall is off again. Randall runs into one of his friends and they end up crawling through some pipes (lots of pipes!). They look for a post box with the name Bennington on it. then a few seconds later Randall’s friend (Lucky) found it.

There are lots of funny things in the book that Randall finds including:

A floating ice-cream shop in the shape of a duck, Kong the collector, with his guard dog (the beast), cable car chases, a stinky rubbish dump, the Onionskins football stadium, meatball costumes, and much, much more…..

Randall and all of his friends go through lots of crazy adventures and get into a bit of trouble all just to get the bag back to its owner before mid night so Randall doesnt get fired!

I liked this book because I found it funny. My favourite bit was when he was in the sweet shop and the old lady was making rude things out of liquorice!

I would recommend Baggage to all readers because I really enjoyed it and I think that anyone else would like it as well!

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