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Published On February 13, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation

Over at Comics Alliance there’s a complete gallery of the cover art to various dvds in the Criterion collection, whether actual covers or posters created for the 2010 All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. See here for Sean Hughes doing Tony Curtis in The Sweet Smell Of Success.

And here’s a couple of the stand-outs:

Divorce Italian Style by Jaime Hernandez (also available as a limited-edition print)

Make Way For Tomorrow by Seth.

Five Easy Pieces by Kate Beaton.

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This week marks the release of the Criterion versions of The Naked Kiss and Shock Corridor, two gritty Samuel Fuller pulp classics chock-full of special features — including the stark, moody DVD cover by Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, Wilson). Of course, the Criterion Collection is no stranger to gorgeous illustrated covers courtesy of comic book industry luminaries, including everyone from Sean Phillips and Jaime Hernandez to Kate Beaton and Francesco Francavilla.

Indeed, a large portion of the Criterion Collection’s success can be attributed to the company’s unique sense of cover design. (The in-house style is so ubiquitous, it’s even become the subject of hilarious parody.) While the Collection employs a wide variety of talented illustrators, comic book creators have supplied some truly memorable gems.
Take a look at some awesome Criterion movie posters (some of which were created for screenings at last year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival) that sprang from the pens of comics creators below. Beaton’s moving Five Easy Pieces poster needs to be available for sale yesterday. Perhaps Criterion could release the Jack Nicholson classic separately from the pricey America Lost and Found set and use Beaton’s image for the cover?

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