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Published On August 19, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Chase was a series that was absolutely beloved by many of the staff at Nostalgia & Comics during it’s short publication run (10 issues ’98-’99).

Its basic premise concerned a government agency in the DC Universe with jurisdiction over the super people – the Department of Extranormal Operations, and new DEO agent Cameron Chase. The kicker? Chase hates super types, with good cause, but unfortunately for her, she seems to be developing powers of her own.

It was (so I was told) smart, cynical and right up my street, plus the art was really nice, the work of some relative newcomer by the name of JH Williams III.

I always meant to pick it up, but, as is the way sometimes, I just never got around to it. And it seemed like it was going to be one of those that really had slipped between the cracks, never to be reprinted. It was partial reprinted late 2010 as a DC 100 page spectacular – except they only included issues 1, 6, 7, and 8. The review of which over at Comic Vine allows me to at least show you some of the artwork:

But, as they say… never say never. In the intervening 12 years the market has changed, and DC & Marvel’s collected output has seemingly increased exponentially, which is certainly not a good thing (talk to any retailer about the glut of pointless reprints and collections of decidedly second, third and worse rate material).

But occasionally, there’s something they’ve overlooked that finally makes it back into a print collection. And this December it’s time for Chase. Much to the pleasure of series artist J.H.Williams III in a blog post simply entitled “Finally.

“At last we get to have a trade collection on the full Chase material that I had any involvement in, available for pre-order now. Its going to be pretty comprehensive, featuring the full prematurely cancelled series and some short stories.”

“…..In all the years since then, Chase The Series had garnered a cult status, becoming almost more popular after it’s death than when it was alive. I still hear from fans today about it, wondering if we’ll ever get to bring the series back. Even though this work never saw its full completion, that doesn’t detract from it’s worthiness to be on people’s bookshelves.”

“…. here in this new collection you’ll find the original stories that lead to some interesting ideas, viewpoints on what it may be like to live in a world of fantastic super-powered heroes and villains, on where the normal human being may fit into the grandiose drama of the DC Universe.”

The Chase Collection contains the Chase series, plus the characters first appearance in Batman 550 and the Secret Files series of one-shot issues. Written by D. Curtis Johnson and JH Williams III and features art by JH Williams III, Mick Gray, Charlie Adlard, Yanick Paquette and more.

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