Sugar Glider Stories #2 – more tales from the Sugar Glider universe…..

Published On December 21, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Sugar Glider Stories #2 – Tales From The Sugar Glider Universe

Sugar Glider created by Gary Bainbridge and Daniel Clifford.

Written by Daniel Clifford, additional stories by Selina Lock, Simon Cavanagh, Jenni Hill, Gareth Webb.

Art by George Beedham, Static Girl, Kevin “Glo” Logue, Gary Bainbridge, Lee Robinson, Michael Smith, Dinobot, Sara Dunkerton, Gavin Mitchell, Amy Purdie & Jack Couvela, Jess Bradley, Nic Wilkinson, Martin Eden.

For those that know, or for those who didn’t read the review of Sugar Glider Stories #1, Sugar Glider Stories is an anthology series happening alongside the actual story covered in Sugar Glider the series (issue 1issue 2). It exists to fill in the gaps, answer a few questions, set up some more, and generally provide greater depth than is possible in the main series.

And although SGS #1 was a decent enough attempt, it felt just that little bit superfluous, especially as we were barely into the main story at the time, having seen just one issue of Sugar Glider at the time. However, with this second issue there’s a greater sense of connection.

This time around, perhaps because we’re further into the main story over in Sugar Glider, there’s a sense that some of the things covered here are not only interesting context for Sugar Glider, but may even prove important to the  story.

With this one, as we’re taking a look at both Sugar Glider herself and the mysterious superhero project Vigilance. By carefully plotting both stories and jumping around a little in time, we’re given a good deal of backstory here, and I came away with less of a sense of what’s the point and more that I’d read something connected to the Sugar Glider comic. This is definitely a good thing.

For those of you that don’t know, Sugar Glider is young Susie Sullivan; a young girl who comes into possession of a super-suit, and heads off into the Newcastle night to fight crime. We’re not exactly sure of the genesis of the suit, but we’re certainly getting a fair few hints and clues thrown our way here in these series of connected vignettes set in and around Sugar Glider’s world and life, and so much of that comes back to the mysterious Vigilance project. And the Vigilance project, in one form or another, has been active for a long time….

(42 years ago…. one young man is lost to the forerunner of Vigilance. Words by Selina Locke, art by StaticGirl. From Sugar Glider Stories #2)

(5 years ago…. the Vigilance project finally realised? But secrets and hidden agendas are all around. Words by Daniel Clifford, art by Kevin “Glo” Logue. From Sugar Glider Stories #2)

I’m getting a lot more sense of enjoyable, coherant tale with this one, even though series writer Daniel Clifford relinquishes writing chores for four of the eleven vignettes. But that’s probably got a lot to do with this coming after two issues of the main comic – we know what’s happening in Susie’s life, have a sense of the world she lives in, and I’m more ameanable to venturing outside the main storyline now.

But my favourite story in here is still the very small scale story, of a pissed off, bedraggled Susie just off yet another “get a good job, stop flitting about, stick at something for a change” moan from her mom. In her room it’s a choice between looking at college courses or hitting ebay….. you don’t need to be too aware of the story to work out ebay wins. But look, what’s that she’s about to bid on…..

(6 months ago…. Susie makes a discovery, and her life is about to change… words by Daniel Clifford, art by Lee Robinson)

Lee Robinson’s art really hits the spot, in a collection where there’s a, shall we say, variety of styles from the artists involved. The art duties are handled by members of the Paper jam Collective, a Newcastle based group and there’s definitely a roughness to some of it. Nothing out and out bad mind, just some that could do with more polish, and too many strips where I can pick out some great panels sitting amongst some not so great.

But, but, but…. in the end, this is, and always would be, an extra for those of us reading and enjoying the Sugar Glider comic by Daniel Clifford and Gary Bainbridge. You would be silly to start afresh with this one, it’s still something best described as an addendum to the main story, but taken as that…. it’s not bad at all.

Sugar Glider Stories issue 2 is available from Clifford’s webstore for just £3. And Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson’s Halcyon & Tenderfoot issue 0 is available here.

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4 Responses to Sugar Glider Stories #2 – more tales from the Sugar Glider universe…..

  1. Andy says:

    Great review of a cracking series, but I feel it should be pointed out that there are very few Paper Jam comics members involved in this title- I can pick out four and that’s Daniel, Gary, Lee Robson and one of the writers. The rest are all active members of the UK small press scene.

  2. Matt Badham says:

    I must check out Sugar Glider in 2012. It looks like a fun concept.

  3. Kenny says:

    ‘My Bad’ – Richard, Richard….