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Published On January 12, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Banal Pig’s Showcase (Of New Characters and One-off Stories)

Steve Tillotson

Banal Pig

Th Banal Pig’s Showcase is (oh the surprise) a showcase for Tillotson to play with a few new ideas and characters, see what works, see what doesn’t. That sort of thing.

His work isn’t long form by any means – the longest strip here is a mere 5 pages long. It’s all gag based. And has to stand or fall on the quality of the gags.

Likewise, in the vein of much of Tillotson’s cartooning it’s all very much designed around the strength of an initial idea – some of which are clever and funny, others just plain dumb and simple and funny. But I have to be honest and say that nearly everything in here was at least chuckle-worth. And some of it out right laugh out loud. Which means Tillotson’s done a good job as far as I’m concerned.

(The Tragic Tale Of Birthday Boy – someone doesn’t want to live up to the family tradition of being a call centre operative. From The Banal Pig Showcase by Steve Tillotson)

(An American Werefox in London – this homage to the classic film leads to a lowkey, but all too believable ending for the werefox. From The Banal Pig Showcase by Steve Tillotson)

(Dennis Weston and Tinker – nice gag and a lovely full page bit of art from Tillotson. From The Banal Pig Showcase by Steve Tillotson)

Artistically, he mixes it all up quite nicely as well, and has a very nice open style. There’s a couple of strips that just aren’t strong enough – Cat Mountain’s gag of climbers reaching a grisly end on climbing a mountain in the shape of a cat or Gary McMashy’s Curious Affliction where a food obsessed fatty gets cursed by a gypsy to become the thing he covets the most (sausage and mash).

But overall, what we have here is a collection of very nicely done comedy strips, quite a few of which raised a smile, some even an out and out laugh. Best of the lot is Chiffo, looking like a Dandy character taken the route of Viz – and one I’d like to see a lot more of. Classic gag stuff, and a brilliant final panel. (But for that – you’ll have to buy the comic!)

(Chiffo Gets Involved – a consignment of live pythons – what could possibly go wrong eh? From The Banal Pig Showcase by Steve Tillotson)

The Banal Pig Showcase is available from the Banal Pig webstore here.

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