Rejoice…. Pogo Volume 1 is finally ready

Published On August 27, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Walt Kelly’s Pogo is one of the greatest comic strips I’ve ever read. It’s simply brilliant; quaint and sweet on the surface but deeper readings reveals layers of very smart political and social satire. And as you can clearly see, Walt Kelly’s artwork is magnificent.

The scheduled ship date of September was a deadline that made that famous whooshing sound so enjoyed by Douglas Adams as it went whizzing by. But after many trials and tribulations it’s now scheduled for November.

Fantagraphics are presenting the entire strip, including the beautiful full colour Sunday strips for the very first time, in a series of 12 hardcover volumes that reprint approximately 2 years worth of  material at a time. I guarantee that if you get Volume 1, you’ll be signing up for the remaining 11.

(Via Heidi and then Kenny Penman jumping up and down about it on twitter)

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