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Published On August 24, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

I looked at The Grinning Mask Issue 1 back in 2010, after Ryan Taylor had given me a copy at BICS 2010. And it was rather nice, a horror tale with great promise, from a young newcomer. There was certainly enough there to make me interested to see issue 2.

And just under a year later, Issue 2 of The Grinning Mask will be available at this Saturdays Birmingham Comicon, where Ryan will be exhibiting along with the rest of the Midlands Comic Collective; a group of young comic artists chaired by Laura Howell and mentored by Hunt Emerson.

Here’s a little of what I said about issue 1

“The Grinning Mask issue 1 is the opening chapter in a horror story, told from the point of view of a young, horror comics loving boy called Jack. This first chapter does a good job of introducing Taylor’s story, showing us a little of young Jack’s life – his family, his school, his obvious obsession with the horror comics racked at the local shop.”

“There are mysteries developing in The Grinning Mask as well: Jack and his mates are terrified by a figure rising from the gravestones on their nocturnal visit, but it may just be the Verger. More puzzling are Jack’s dreams of the grinning mask of the title and the cliffhanger that the priest discovers in the church the next morning. Mysteries no doubt that we’ll get to in subsequent issues.”

“The art is a nicely done semi-cartooning style, reminiscent of both old Commando library style artists and a favourite of mine – Steve Parkhouse.”

Ryan’s been kind enough to send over a little sneak peek from The Grinning Mask issue 2, enjoy, and make sure you say hello at Birmingham Comicon. Ryan describes it as:

“The story follows on from the events of the first issues and is a ‘Medieval Mystery Horror’ – as well as a loving homage to the EC horrors.  Join the people of a sleepy town who awake one morning from a nightmare-filled sleep to find the local church desecrated and a long forgotten mystery beginning to unfold…..”

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