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Published On June 16, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

I missed the news about this one when it first came to light, but in addition to his excellent work for SelfMadeHero (including the excellent At The Mountains Of Madness and forthcoming Valley Of Fear, Princess Of Mars and Charles Dexter Ward – details on the two of those here) Ian Culbard also has a new comic series coming out soon called Deadbeats:

“Deadbeats is a comic/Graphic Novel I’m working on with the guys from HP Podcraft – Chris Lackey & Chad Fifer. To find out more about it go to this website designated to it and have a gander at the synopsis and some of the character bios and for further updates. I’m very excited about being brought on board for this project as the script is a lot of fun and Chris and Chad a hell of a lot of fun to work with too. If you haven’t heard their podcast and you love Lovecraft you really should head over there and have a listen. It is an excellent show.”

Deadbeats will be a four part comic series set in the 20s with a trio of jazz musicians encountering otherworldly trouble whilst on the hunt for gigs. There’s a few pages from the first story previewed below. In this one, the trio have taken a job from an elderly reverend, playing his wife’s funeral. Except the funeral turns out to be a cult ritual to bring back an evil sorcerer, and it’s down to the trio to save the day.

It does sound rather good. Perhaps a little more lightweight than we’re used to with both Lovecraft and Culbard and almost has a weird Scooby Doo feel to the intro on the preview. Or is that just me? Whatever, I think this will be one to keep an eye on. And as usual with Culbard, that artwork is just great – lighter of line than a lot of his SelfMadeHero work but just as nice – that transition, following the musical noted through the floor into the room below, and the perspective on the room – lovely.

The HP Podcraft site has recently finished a series of 4 podcasts featuring Culbard in conversation about his 2010 graphic novel At The Mountains Of Madness.


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