Moments Of Moore, Moments Of Ellis…. and (ahem) Moore fallings out….

Published On January 8, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

(Captain Britain – “Waiting for the End of the World” (1983), artist: Alan Davis – from the “A Moment Of Moore” blog.)

Is this some sort of trend developing? …… first of all, on New Year’s Eve, we had “A Moment Of Moore“, then less than a week later “A Moment Of Ellis” appeared. Both blogs giving us one little bit of the authors’ work each day.

(“…more tea, darling” – Nextwave 01 (Director’s Cut) – art by Stuart Immonen. 2006. From the “A Moment Of Ellis” blog.)

Does this mean it’s Morrison next? Ennis? And where will it all end? A Moment Of Jeph Loeb? (No I haven’t ever forgotten this. Why do you ask?)

But at least A Moment Of Moore likes the beardy magus of Northampton. Not something you could accuse Jason Aaron of right now. That Bleeding Cool interview of Moore’s really didn’t make many friends, and it seems Aaron took it particularly to heart.

Thing is, Aaron’s Scalped being a Vertigo title does mean he rather owes Moore a little, both in terms of better creator contracts and the existence of the line itself.

Since the interview I’ve heard people defend Moore’s position, I’ve heard people disgusted with what they see as the bitter over-reaction in dealing with Dave Gibbons and David Lloyd. And personally, my reaction’s somewhere in between.

Can you understand some of Moore’s hatred of DC? His feelings of paranoia when it comes to anyone with a connection to them? When you go through all the things that have happened over the years and some of the moves that DC (and Marvel – let’s  not forget it’s not all big bad DC) pulled over the years – his reaction may seem extreme, but it isn’t completely ridiculous.

But on the other side of things – Moore’s cold reaction towards former friends is just – well… cold, and something most of us wouldn’t ever contemplate doing.

As for Aaron’s reaction towards Moore’s dismissal of superhero/big company comics since he last did them – his comments on that part should rightly be seen as just another pop at the comics companies – not the individuals making the comics.

Anyway. Enough. When we talk about Moore it would be better to spend more time discussing his comic work than the man’s character.

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6 Responses to Moments Of Moore, Moments Of Ellis…. and (ahem) Moore fallings out….

  1. Very thoughtful analysis there, RB. I’ll add that his massive levels of paranoia may even be exacerbated by his prodigious intake of weed, too.

  2. Emperor says:

    “Does this mean it’s Morrison next?”

    Technically it was a Moment of Moore, then a Moment of Morrison and then Ellis:

    However, tumblr already had the fuckyeah meme running (although they tended to be a bit more comprehensive):

    Seems this is being judged as “too spammy” so splitting…

  3. Emperor says:

    part 2, with reduced spamminess:

    No one for Ellis although he already conquered Tumblr:

    And has an aggregator running drawing together his posts elsewhere:

    While we are on the topic, 2000AD have an aggregator running there too:

    • Richard says:

      Which all goes to show – no matter how much I think I see of the comic Internet – there’s simply too much!
      Cheers Emperor

  4. Emperor says:

    Plus it seems like people are still coming up with new uses for Tumblr. The “Moments of” is very recent (but is probably already so last week 😉 ), the fuckyeah blogs obsessively follow everything on a specific topic, there are people using it as an aggregator, I’m using it as a replacement for ComicSpace (and it is working nicely so far because it allows you to plug into a larger social network and you can create various quick blogs for different subjects you are interested in) and some are just using it as their main blogging platform like: