Mega Moggies and a nice cuppa. Bostin!

Published On May 19, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Bostin’ Heroes Issue 3

Written by Matthew Craig, art by Rich Johnson and Paul Eldridge.

The third issue of the Black Country superhero title (reviews of #1,#2), and we’ve two stories of our Yam-Yam heroes, assembled by a mysterious entity underneath Dudley Castle. Dudley’s the place of my birth and I’m rather fond of it, and the whole of the Black Country – a strange little geographical region of the Midlands with it’s own dialect and good, old fashioned ways.

And perhaps because of my fondness for the place, I’m rather partial to this comic book portrayal of the Midlands – although it still insists on including Birmingham, and as anyone from proper Yam Yam land can tell you – there’s no place for Birmingham in the Black Country (and if you’re wondering what the hell a Yam-Yam is – see here).

Much of my enjoyment comes from the writing of Matthew Craig, because he writes these superheroes with a kitchen sink perspective. It’s more about the conversations, the characters and less about big blokes and badly proportioned women in spandex beating up supervillains. And this is good.

(Bostin Heroes; Black Cats and Batmobiles, story by Matthew Craig, art by Rich Johnson)

Two stories this time round, the first; “Black Cats and Bostinmobiles” sees the team get to know each other a little better whilst they do their best to protect Aston town centre from the threat of the “kittenocalypse“.

There’s a bunch of giant mutant moggies that need more than litter training and it’s up to the Bostin’ Heroes do do the cleanup. It’s a fine, fun tale, and with artist Rich Johnson, there’s a really nice look to a lot of the pages – although Johnson is far better with people and crowds than he is with superhero battles – a weakness he’ll need to work if he’s carrying on here. But his sedate, crowd and conversation panels, just like that opener above are really quite attractive.

(Bostin Heroes: Il Bostino. Story by Matthew Craig, art by Paul Eldridge)

The second story is a solo tale, as Bostin Heroes member B-Have heads home to Wolverhampton for family time with brother Gez and 90-year old Nonna. But their cafe cuppa is interrupted by a thief with a strange choice of holdup venue. It’s a middling nothing sort of story to be honest, and Paul Eldridge’s art, especially compared to the rather more refined and composed work of Johnson, doesn’t do much, either for me or for the story.

Bostin’ Heroes is fair, good, solid stuff. Flawed, silly, but fun. Pick one up from Matthew Craig when you say hi at Bristol comic-con, the GMEX Memorabilia fair or Brum Zine Fest in July.

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