Matt Badham goes Commando!

Published On April 15, 2011 | By Matthew Badham | Comics

No, worry not, not that type of commando, please don’t distress yourself with images of a pantsless Badham. It’s the other type of Commando, the immortal Commando Book digest series of comics from the mighty DC Thomson which have enterained generations of both boys and men for many years. And there’s a brand new one just out – number 4385 to be precise – entitled Deserter and it just happens to be penned by our own Matt Badham!

(cover art to Commando Book #4385, Deserter, written by Matthew Badham, art by Macabich, published and (c)  DC Thomson)

From the official description: “Abraham Brown’s older brother Robert went off to serve in the US Army in the American Civil War…and he didn’t come back. Abraham followed in his footsteps grimly determined to avenge his brother’s death. But when he discovered that it hadn’t been enemy action that ended Robert’s life but a pack of outlaws he saw only one way to settle the score — and that meant deserting the flag he signed up to serve.” Congrats to Matt!

On a related topic, Matt also has work in the new 2000 AD fanzine Zarjaz #11 (the one with the fab Clint Langley cover we mentioned recently), with a story featuring Pat Mills’ Steelhorn from the ABC Warriors. On working with both Zarjaz and Commando Matt offered up praise for support from the editorial teams,  commenting “Dave Evans and Richmond Clements (Zarjaz) and Calum Laird (Commando) can, if my experience is anything to go by, spot a plot inconsistency at 100 paces. They’re also pretty good at solving them...”

(opening page to Deserter, by Matt Badham and Macabich, published DC Thomson)

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