London's easy targets

Published On October 20, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

I’m indebted to Matt B for pointing out this excellent strip that David Ziggy Greene posted up on his blog a couple of weeks ago, on one aspect of the massive budget cuts in public services which hang over pretty much everyone in the UK (and US, Greece, Italy, Ireland… well, the depressing list goes on) and the anger that not only are the ordinary citizens paying for the mistakes of powerful but flawed rich corporations and institutions, but those who are the most vulnerable in our society are the most exposed because they rely more on those public services. In London’s Easy Targets David talks to a varied group of senior citizens about the cuts likely to be pushed through by local councils that will take away many services which they rely on totally for everything from a hot meal (and we all know food prices are going up and up and up, not to mention fuel costs for heating that food…) to that simple thing of being able to get out of the house and socialise with others – for some elderly folks about the only opportunity they get. It’s a nice bit of cartooning and social reportage, much commended for your viewing (and you should be sharing it around as well). David, we’d love to see more when you can. On a related note I notice David has also posted up some cartoonage on the Occupy protest movement in London too:

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2 Responses to London's easy targets

  1. Spleenal says:

    Camden council can’t find 140,000 to keep a home open 🙁
    Basildon council found 18,000,000 to knock down the homes at Dale farm?

    Something’s wrong somewhere.

  2. There is most definitely something wrong somewhere.
    Some would say that’s why folk have parked their tents outside St Pauls too.

    Hey, Joe, there is another report stuck up on my blog now. It’s an archive one but still relevant.

    I’m putting together a big multi-part occupation piece too so keep an eye out.