Lauren O'Farrell's Nelson Badge Quest …..

Published On November 22, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

It’s Nelson week this week, celebrating the release of the monumental, and exceptionally good new release from Blank Slate Books – 54 artists, one story, profits to go to Shelter – it was the most talked about book of the recent Thought Bubble convention – and with very good reason.

But what do you do if you’re Lauren O’Farrell, the only non-comiker in The Fleece Station, when studio-mates Ellen Lindner, Gary Northfield and Sarah McIntyre are all present in and heavily involved with the creation of bits of the Nelson graphic novel?

You do this…..

Here’s just some of what Lauren has to say over at The Fleece Station blog:

“My idea was to donate (and custom make) 54 exclusive edition Nelson badges (with a few extras for the rest of the Nelson team) to the Nelson cause. One custom made badge for every Nelson creator, which showed their name and told the world that they were one of the Nelsonites. The badges would then be given out to each Nelson creator to be worn with pride at every Nelson event, comics event and at fancy dinner parties (if they were feeling particularly Nelsony) to point out to comics fans and Nelson lovers that they were the ones who had made it all happen.”

“All this means I have a mission. A mission to find all 54 Nelson creators and make sure they get their shiny Nelson badge. While trying to complete this mission I will also get them all to sign my copy of Nelson and photograph each one wearing their Nelson badge with pride.”

A wonderful idea, perfectly suited for the nature of a practically perfect book. We read ours over Thought Bubble weekend. Yes, “we”. More on that when I get over post Thought Bubble exhaustion. But although I’m taking this week (relatively) easy, the Nelson team certainly aren’t….

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