Indie Comic Reboots: Cerebus

Published On August 20, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Oh, silly but fun stuff over at Comics Alliance: They’re doing a new series of Indie Comic Reboots.

First up – Dave Sim’s Cerebus. From their site:

“we’ve commissioned an original art series of Indie Reboots from the amazing Kevin Mellon (HeartLovestruck), imagining how some of the most iconic independent comics might look today if they went through the Big Two reboot machine.”

“The warrior aardvark of legend returns in an all-new series that catapults Cerebus into a dark, dystopian future to face the most terrifying enemy he has ever known: The Voids. A parasitic race of creatures driven only by base emotions of fear and hunger, the Voids have infiltrated the city at nearly every level, binding men of power and influence to their vampiric will. Can Cerebus stop the Voids before they consume every man in Iestopolis with their unspeakable hunger, or will they continue their rampage unopposed until the very last Male Light goes out?”

And here it is…

There’s also a cool Scott Pilgrim. Go Look.

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