Imagined Cities at the London Print Studio

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Imagined cities @ LPS

One of our fave creators and a staunch supporter and flag waver for comics in general and good British comics talent in particular, Sean Azzopardi, was at a recent show of comics art in the London Print Studio. You might remember a while back we blogged that Karrie Fransman (no mean comics creator herself) and the LPS were offering a great chance for some young talent to get some experience and feedback through a 6-month comics internship that saw many workshops, with some excellent experienced creators offering their skills as mentors, a really good opportunity that was taken up by a number of fresh talent, including William Goldsmith, who made his debut recently with Jonathan Cape’s release of his visually stunning Vignettes of Ystov. The fruits of that first internship (and yes, there will be another) are now visible in an anthology, Imagined Cities (which I’ve been enjoying a look at, thanks, Karrie) and an exhibition. Sean was at the LPS exhibition and has been kind enough to share some of his thoughts and photos from the gig (thanks, Sean!):


Last week I attended the opening exhibition and launch of Imagined Cities at the London Print Studio.

Rather than me blathering on too much, below is a text piece outlining the event. There are also some links to photos from the night and from another evening at Laydeez do comics. At Laydeez the interns all presented strips from their visit to Angouleme,which were impressive. (All I managed at Angoul√™mei was some drunken scribbles) Karrie has done an amazing job running the internship. Full of creative ideas and energy Karrie’s enthusiasm shines through the fizzy and inventive work of the students.

Imagined cities @ LPS

Imagined cities @ LPS

I urge any young cartoonist in the area to take on this wonderful opportunity:

From mad bird gods to man-eating women, from a run down Northern suburb to an Eastern bloc city the work you will see in the IMAGINED CITIES exhibition showcases the exciting imaginations of some of the best young British comic artists. This exhibition and the 64-paged anthology are the culmination of a six-month internship run by the London Print Studio where five, gifted 21 to 25 year old comic artists were selected from scores of hopefuls. They are: Joe Kelly, Rachel Taylor, William Goldsmith, Isabel Greenberg and Freya Harrison. Their work is shown alongside the 16 to 20 year old teenagers they tutored; Taymah Anderson, Joseph Chukwuma, Sheri Gaynor, Maia Arthur, Ezekiel Gordon, Yasser Boukaddour and Pauline Zerda-Webb and anthology contributors Andrea Da Silva Amorim and Hari Conner. The exhibition also includes work by professional British comic artists who have acted as project mentors; Al Davison (Vertigo), Ellen Lindner (Whores of Mensa), Karrie Fransman (Random House) and publisher SelfMadeHero and the book features a foreword from Posy Simmonds (creator of Tamara Drewe).

Ladyeez Do Comics

There will be a second six month comic internship for 21 to 25 year olds starting in September and more free comic workshops for 16 to 20 year olds. For further information please contact Karrie at londonprintstudiocomics (at) gmail (dot) com or visit the London Print Studio site.

Thanks to Sean for sharing his thoughts and pics – you can see more of his pics from the Ladyeez Do Comics event on his Flickr page here, and more from the LPS exhibition here.

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